Shardeum Liberty 2.X

Shardeum Liberty 2.X


Deploy an NFT Project on Shardeum Liberty 2.X

How to Create and Deploy an ERC-721

An ERC-721 token is a unique, non-fungible token on the blockchain. In Shardeum Liberty 2.X, this token can be used to represent any asset, piece of art, or unique item on the blockchain. With the no-code tool NFTs2Me, users can easily and quickly deploy their own ERC-721 projects on Shardeum Liberty 2.X without any technical knowledge. Additionally, NFTs2Me offers AI-generated images for those who do not have their own. Shardeum Liberty 2.X, compatible with EVM, is the perfect platform for deploying and trading these unique tokens. Let NFTs2Me and Shardeum Liberty 2.X revolutionize the way you create and experience the world of NFTs.

How to Create and Deploy an ERC-1155

An ERC-1155 is a smart contract standard on the Shardeum Liberty 2.X blockchain, compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This standard enables the creation of flexible and efficient non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can represent, for example, unique in-game items or collectibles. With the no-code tool NFTs2Me, deploying such a project is a breeze and can be achieved in a matter of minutes without any coding knowledge. Additionally, the tool even generates AI-powered images for users who do not have their own graphics. NFTs2Me empowers users with the versatility and ease of non-fungible token development without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

How much does it cost to deploy a NFT Smart Contract?

An NFT smart contract deployed on the "Shardeum Liberty 2.X" blockchain is a digital asset that represents a unique item or piece of content, providing a one-of-a-kind ownership experience. With NFTs2Me, you can deploy your own NFT project in just a few minutes without needing any coding skills. This no-code tool also leverages AI to generate images for your project in case you don't have any. Shardeum Liberty 2.X is a blockchain compatible with EVM, providing a secure and reliable platform for your NFT project. Whether you're an aspiring artist or a seasoned collector, NFTs2Me is the perfect tool for effortlessly managing your NFT projects.

How to deploy a collection with NFTs2Me (step-by-step video)

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