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Our goal is to make the process of creating NFT collections as simple and straightforward as possible. NFT artwork and metadata can be created and exported.

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No code app

Create up to 20 000 NFTs collection with and upload them to IPFS with the metadata files without writing a single line of code; all you need are creative layers.


You may either get your NFTs collection as a zip file with all of the metadata JSON files, or you can have them automatically uploaded to IPFS.


Create an NFT collection ERC-721 (Non-Fungible Token Standard) or newest ERC-1155 (Multi Token Standard) compliant. Compatible with any Ethereum VM blockchain.

Backup / Restore

Take a backup of your NFT collection files and save them to a local zip file, or restore your collection from a local zip file and continue working.

Generate your NFT Collection

Adjust attributes and rarity, and export metadata to create random and personalized designs.

Unlimited collections

If you have a special requests you're always welcome to email us

Number of Collections

How many collections you can make


Collection Size

Maximum size of each collection (number of NFTs)



Metadata generated for Ethereum, Solana and Cardano

Free Sample

Download a free sample of your collection

Rarity Configuration

Configure the rarity of each layer and/or traits

High Resolution Images

Use our high-resolution mode for high-resolution images

No Watermark

Your NFT collection without watermark

Advance Mode

Generate collections with subcollections

Generate Your NFT Collection

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Generate Your NFT Collection

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