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Our goal is to make the process of creating, deploying, and minting your NFT collections as simple and straightforward as possible, while providing advanced and unique functionalities available for everyone.

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Digital Collectibles

Made Easy

Our No-Code Digital Collectibles Toolkit provides you with all the tools you need to launch and grow your NFT project from the first mint and beyond.

NFT Collection
Generative Art Creation. Multi-Characters Support. Backup / Restore. Assets and Metadata on IPFS.
NFT Smart Contract
Deploy your own ERC-721 or ERC-1155. Low Gas Contract deploy. Presale and NFT Delayed Revealing.
Minting Page
Multiple Integrations (using our hosted minting page or embed) and Affiliates System.
NFT Dashboard
Manage your collection. Multi Phase Sales, Airdrops, Whitelist, Snapshots, Token Gating...


NFTs2Me is the most powerful and intuitive NFT creation tool, allowing you to launch your NFT project and build a new world on web3. Create your collection using our designer, define its metadata, upload your assets, set an optional price and create/deploy your contract (ERC721 or ERC1155). We'll provide you with a custom minting page as well as a widget.

Design NFTs2Me


From the dashboard you can easily check your earning, collection stats as well as manage your smart contract to change phase (Closed, Pre-Sale or Public Sale), change token price, create whitelist, perform airdrops. You can also withdraw profits, manage your affiliates, get the list of holders of your NFT project... We're currently the most powerful NFT toolkit, with great unique utilities yet to come!

Launchpad & Minting Page

Our free NFT launchpad service offer simple and intuitive minting pages for users. During the generation of your collection we automatically generate a logo and banner that we will use by default in the minting page. You can customize your minting page to your liking. We also provide a code to embed the mint button on your website (i.e. Wordpress, Webflow...).

Minting Page NFTs2Me

More Features


Set a price in Native Coin (e.g. Ether) or ERC-20 (USDC, DAI...). Let your users mint your NFTs with anything (Native or any ERC-20). We'll do a transparent swap and mint for the user in one transaction. You'll always receive in your defined payment.


Non-upgradeable contract and IPFS uploading will assure the immutability of your collection, giving confidence to your users. No fraud possible. Once designed, we'll upload your collection to IPFS for you.

Minting Types

Sequential, Random or Specify minting allow you to choose the minting behaviour on your collection. Over that, you can use a Placeholder to hide the actual metadata until you decide to reveal and fix on the blockchain.

Backup / Restore

Automatic backup / restore of your work in progress, as well manual backup. Take a backup of your NFT collection files and save them to a local zip file, or restore to continue working.

Unlimited collections

If you have a special requests you're always welcome to email us

Number of Collections

How many collections you can make


Collection Size

Maximum size of each collection (number of NFTs)



Metadata generated for every EVM Blockchain

Rarity Configuration

Configure the rarity of each layer and/or traits

High Resolution Images

Use high-resolution images

No Watermark

Your NFT collection without watermark

Advance Mode

Generate collections with subcollections

Free to use!

Most of our features are free to use.

Create Your NFT Project

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NFT Generator

Our powerful yet easy to use generator allows creating NFT collections in just a few actions, with some unique advanced features. Upload your PSD or layer images to start creating, or use our provided examples.

Define rarity

An NFT's rarity will determine how valuable and unique it is. Since collectors appreciate truly rare NFTs highly, their cost rises.

Create a multi-character collection

You can have several genres or races in the same collection using the advanced sub-collection mode.

Metadata automatically generated

These are the relevant data of each token such as its attributes, how many attributes it has (OpenRarity protocol)... we automatically generate them for you, providing individual editing if needed.
NFT #1

NFTs2Me #1


Not minted yet

Token Id


Contract & Mint

NFTs2Me supports ERC 721 and ERC 1155 contract generation with no coding skills needed. Customize and control it from the dashboard and much more.

Optimized smart contract

Deploy your own contract from our tool without touching a single line of code and saving a lot of gas.

Smart Contract Dashboard

Your NFTs can be managed from the dashboard. Take any action with just a few clicks.

Mint Page and widget

Set up a page to mint your NFTS or embed it in your website easily using our widget.
NFT #2

NFTs2Me #2


Not minted yet

Token Id


On the shoulders of giants

Our dApp is powered by the most powerful and secure Web3 technologies

Ethereum Name Service
Frequently asked questions
Can’t find it here? Ask in our discord server
    • What's the price to use NFTs2Me?

      NFTsMe is absolutely free to use! There are certain features that require to own a NFT from our PRO collection, but most of the features are free for everyone.

    • Can I create USDC-denominated NFTs?

      Absolutely! You can denominate your NFTs on native coin (like Ether or MATIC) or any ERC-20 like USDC, USDT, DAI. However, using anypayments the user will be able to mint using different denominations.

    • Do you plan on supporting any other blockchains?

      Absolutely! We plan to increase the support in the near future of some other Blockchains (like Linea zkEVM (currently Linea testnet), Scroll zkEVM, Coinbase's Base L2 (currently Goerli Base Testnet) and Solana), stay tuned!
      If you feel like there is a missing Blockchain that we should support, don't hesitate to let us know, via one of our social channels to know that there is a demand!

    • What's the NFT I receive when I deploy a collection?

      The collection ownership is determined by an NFT we mint for you once you mint the collection. To transfer the ownership of the collection is as simple as transferring your ownership NFT.

    • What's the placeholder?

      The placeholder is a temporary image and metadata shown for every NFT on your collection. It is a way to hide/delay the actual images in the minting phase. You can choose when to reveal the actual metadata. We don't upload any on-chain information until you decide to do so. However, once uploaded, it can't be changed.

    • What's specify minting?

      When deploying a collection, you can choose the minting behaviour on your collection. Specify minting allows the user to specify which NFTs is he buying in the minting process, instead of being sequentially minted. We also provide sequential and truly on-chain random minting.

    • How does random minting work?

      Our random minting doesn't rely on any server, it is a real on-chain secure random minting, that's why we are forced to use a two-steps solution. If you prefer a one-step solution, you can always use the placeholder and reveal after a collection soldout.

    • Can a user pay using USDC/Ether/MATIC/SHIB/UNI?

      Yes! Using our any-payment solution your users will be able to pay the minting price using any ERC-20 or native coin in just one transaction. No intermediary swaps require and offering the best price for the user. However, you will receive your payment in your set currency.
      For example, you can set the collection price to 100 USDC per NFT. The user will be able to pay using Ether, SHIBA, DAI, AAVE... but you will receive 100 USDC per every sold NFT.

    • Who can control my smart contract once it's deployed?

      You are the owner of the smart contract. You'll be the only one to start/pause sales, withdraw balance, etc. However, there are limited actions you can perform. Once a user mint an NFT, you have no control over it. Otherwise, the user will have no confidence in your collections.

    • What is Creator Fee Enforcement?

      We offer the ability to block marketplaces that don't honor creators royalty fee. It's clear that many creators want the ability to enforce fees on-chain & we believe that choice should be theirs –not a marketplace's– to make. By default, on nvercel those marketplaces will be filtered out, but you can choose to change this in our Dashboard.

    • What networks/blockchains are supported?

      Currently, we support the main EVM Blockchains: Ethereum, Linea, Polygon, Polygon zkEVM, zkSync (ERA) from Matter Labs, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Base (from Coinbase), Mantle, Canto, Fantom, Klaytn, Moonbeam, Zilliqa EVM, Zora, OKXC / OKT Chain, EVMOS, Soros,, PGN (Public Goods Network), Shibarium, Metis, opBNB, Manta Pacific, Edgeware, Taraxa, Arthera, Gnosis, Rari Chain, Nautilus and Rollux L2.

    • Can I change the NFT price after I deploy the smart contract?

      Sure! You can change the price or even set it to free minting in your Smart Contract Dashboard. However, there are certain things that you won't be able to change such as the contract metadata or NFT owners. This immutability will give confidence to your users, since once they mint an NFT, it can't be changed.

    • Do I have to host the minting website?

      No, we host a custom minting page for you with your own custom subdomain. Although you can also embed it in any website or use our minting widget if you prefer so.

    • Do you follow any standard?

      We believe in openness and compatibility.
      We currently allow deploying both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standard collections and their metadata specs, as well as ERC-2981 for NFT Royalty Standard.
      For the addresses, we allow using ENS domains (and provide one for free for you!)
      We also follow OpenRarity protocol and OpenSea developers guidelines to properly show our collection in the big Marketplaces, so that they are automagically listed and configured on them with no work from your side.

    • How do the Airdrops work?

      We have implemented the Airdrop as a way to send free NFTs to the desired addresses you want. Some examples of use could be airdrop winners, sweepstakes winners, send to your colleagues for free... Airdrops can be sent regardless of the current collection Phase. Using our tool to upload CSVs, you will be able to import hundreds of addresses and send them in bulk.

    • How does the whitelist work?

      The whitelist is used to offer early access to certain people, e.g. in the pre-sale phase, to make offers, allow free minting to specific addresses... When whitelisting an address, the user of that wallet will be able to mint with specific conditions during the public and presale phases. Remember that whitelisted addresses and their condition can still mint with that conditions during the public phase. To disable those conditions you can either disable collection wide the whitelist or remove the whitelisted addresses individually.

    • Will my deployed smart contract be verified?

      Yes, smart contracts are automatically verified so that everyone can take a look at it and check its safeness.

    • If I transfer/sell my collection, who will receive the revenue?

      The revenue share of the owner will go to the new owner. However, keep in mind that is "split revenue" is set, it may be as low as zero.

    • Can I transfer/sell the ownership of the contract?

      Absolutely! The ownership of the Collection contract is an NFT, so you can set the NFT to sell (for example on OpenSea) and the buyer of the Collection Ownership NFT will be the new owner. Once sold, he will receive the owner % revenue set when deployed of every mint as well as secondary sales if set.

Not covered? Prefer a turnkey/customized solution?

No problem, if you need a custom solution, want us to do it for you, or prefer a turnkey solution, email us, and we'll be glad to help you.

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