Deploy an NFT Project on Mantle

How to Create and Deploy an ERC-721

ERC-721, a non-fungible token standard on the blockchain, is a unique asset that represents ownership of a digital object, such as art or collectibles. Deploying an ERC-721 on Mantle, a reliable EVM-compatible blockchain, can be a complex process, but with the powerful no-code tool NFTs2Me, it can be achieved in just a few minutes, even without any technical expertise. NFTs2Me generates customized images using artificial intelligence, making it simple to create and launch your own NFT project. As an attentive and helpful assistant, I encourage you to explore the exciting world of NFTs with the ease and speed of NFTs2Me.

How to Create and Deploy an ERC-1155

An ERC-1155 token is a multi-purpose standard for creating fungible and non-fungible assets on a blockchain. Utilizing the power of the Mantle blockchain, developers can easily deploy these tokens with the user-friendly, no-code tool NFTs2Me. This tool simplifies the process of creating and deploying NFTs by providing the ability to generate unique images using artificial intelligence if needed. Mantle, a blockchain built with EVM compatibility, enables seamless integration of ERC-1155 to create exciting and engaging NFT projects. Experience the power of NFTs2Me and Mantle by deploying your own ERC-1155 tokens in no time!

How much does it cost to deploy a NFT Smart Contract?

An NFT smart contract on the "Mantle" blockchain, compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), is a secure and immutable way to represent unique assets on the blockchain. With the no-code tool NFTs2Me, deploying your own NFT project is now possible within minutes and without the need for any prior technical knowledge. This powerful tool also includes AI-powered image generation for those who may not have images readily available. With NFTs2Me, the process of creating and deploying NFTs has never been simpler. Join the NFT revolution today and make your mark on the blockchain with just a few clicks.

How to deploy a collection with NFTs2Me (step-by-step video)

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