Deploy an NFT Project on Qitmeer

How to Create and Deploy an ERC-721

ERC-721 is a standard protocol for creating and managing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. Qitmeer is a blockchain that's fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing developers to easily create and deploy smart contracts. NFTs2Me is a handy no-code tool that simplifies the process of creating and launching NFTs on the Qitmeer blockchain. With NFTs2Me, you can generate custom NFTs in just a few clicks, without requiring any technical knowledge. What's more, NFTs2Me can even leverage AI technology to create unique images for your NFTs automatically, eliminating the need for expensive creative resources. So whether you're a seasoned blockchain developer or a total newbie, NFTs2Me makes deploying your own ERC-721 projects on Qitmeer quick, easy, and hassle-free. Try it out today and see for yourself!

How to Create and Deploy an ERC-1155

ERC-1155 is a multi-token standard used by Qitmeer blockchain to enable efficient management of different types of assets on a single contract. With NFTs2Me's no-code tool, deploying your ERC-1155 project on the Qitmeer blockchain is a breeze, as it requires no coding knowledge and takes only a few minutes. Additionally, the AI-powered image generation feature allows for effortless creation of unique artwork, even if you don't have any pre-existing images. As a blockchain compatible with EVM, Qitmeer offers seamless integration with popular DeFi protocols, making ERC-1155 a powerful tool for asset management and trading in the decentralized world. With NFTs2Me, converting your ideas into tangible assets on the blockchain has never been easier.

How much does it cost to deploy a NFT Smart Contract?

An NFT Smart Contract on the Qitmeer blockchain is a unique digital asset that is stored securely on the blockchain. NFTs can represent a wide range of digital assets, including artwork, videos, and collectibles. Using the NFTs2Me tool, you can deploy your own NFT project in just a few minutes, without requiring any coding knowledge. The tool also uses AI to generate images if you don't have your own. Qitmeer is a blockchain compatible with EVM, making it ideal for deploying NFT Smart Contracts. With NFTs2Me, you can easily join the NFT revolution and create your own digital assets on the Qitmeer blockchain.

How to deploy a collection with NFTs2Me (step-by-step video)

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